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Kevin Rowe, founder of PureLinq and practicing SEO, started The Missing Linq podcast because after more than 10 years of link building he finds myself having as many questions as answers about how to integrate link building into an SEO and content marketing program. 

Some of the questions we’ll explore:

  • Should I disavow links to my site
  • When will the links drive ranking improvements
  • Should I listen to Google’s guidelines strictly or use the tactics that I know work

These questions, and more, are why there is a missing link between googles perspectives on link building and the tactics that work.

Listen be talking to a wide range of SEO guest, from those who are completely against link building to paid link builders, and everyone in-between.

So join us in the search for the Missing Linq 

Hosted by
Kevin Rowe

Kevin Rowe is Founder of PureLinq and a product focused SEO, developing industry-leading programs for SEO and link building.

He is a thought leader in SEO & link building, being published in Search Engine Journal, Fast Company, Forbes, Huffington Post, and Search Engine Land.

Over a decade Kevin has worked on SEO, link building, and analytics programs for enterprise clients like Hyatt Hotels, Kaplan University, Groupon, VMware, Novartis, Coca Cola, and so much more.

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Episode 1